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Skye Select

This product is targeted at the discerning high end individual, who requires personalized account management services and can maintain a minimum credit balance of N100,000.00 at all times.

It operates as a Zero COT account with access to airport priority pass for use in airport lounges all over the world.


  • Zero COT
  • Free Priority Pass 1-year membership card*
  • Zero interest paid (Customer can sweep idle funds to Priority Fixed Deposit to earn interest).
  • Minimum credit balance of N100,000
  • Customized Cheque book issuance*

  • Access to over 500 airport VIP lounges - in over 90 countries and over 275 cities
  • Guaranteed regardless of class of travel, or airline flown
  • Access to over 100 lounges in US - even on taking domestic flights
  • All lounge facilities with complimentary refreshments and snacks
  • Members can also sign-in guests to use the lounges although at a cost

Terms and conditions

  • Additional token fees are applied per lounge access
  • Customized cheque books are at a fee.
  • Skye select is a non interest bearing account

Enterprise Select

Skye Enterprise Select is an account that combines the features of both savings and current account for the discerning ENTREPRENEUR. It offers an opportunity to reduce financial charges on the account via zero Commission On Turnover (COT) once a minimum balance of N250, 000 (Two hundred and Fifty thousand naira only) is maintained.

Features and benefits*

  • Opening/minimum constant credit balance of N250, 000.00
  • Zero COT.
  • Free Priority Pass Card for a maximum of 2 signatories.
  • Applicable credit interest rate will be the same normal savings rate.
  • The account must be operated on a non-borrowing basis. ( and must not be overdrawn) Once customer applies for and is availed any type of loan, full or negotiated COT will apply.
  • Normal cheque book charges will apply.
  • Lodgment of cheque and dividend instruments allowed as in normal current account.
  • Full current account documentation requirement applies.
  • Issuance of debit card allowed for accounts operated by a sole signatory.

For whom?

  • Associations (Registered and Un-registered):- Neighborhood, Corporate, Old Boys/Girls, Small Cooperatives, Residential Estates, Societies within a church/mosque, Etc
  • Small businesses registered as Enterprise business names.
  • Clubs

Priority Deposit Account

This is a fixed deposit account for middle to high end income earners. It is an account that facilitates the booking of additional savings in a fixed deposit account directly linked to either your existing Select account or Regular current account whilst enjoying the benefits of a fixed interest rate.

Ask at any of our priority banking desks at the following branches for an account opening form


  • Opening balance is N500,000
  • Upfront interest on 180 days tenured funds
  • Minimum tenor of 90 days applicable on funds
  • Access to additional overdraft on current account
  • Zero% withholding tax
  • Free mobile banking access
  • Free internet banking
  • Dedicated Account manager
  • Free financial advisory

Terms and conditions

  • Interest rate to be determined by market forces and will be advised at point of booking, all additional changes will be advised and communicated at all times
  • Termination prematurely will only be allowed with a penalty fee and if the upfront interest has not been paid.
  • Agreed overdraft will be subject to 80% of the value on fixed deposit with Interest applied.
  • No limited Liability Company is allowed to hold this account. ( enterprise select)
  • To avoid high dormancy rate and 'cannibalization’ of corporate accounts, customers would not be allowed to migrate to the platform, but rather seek to begin a new relationship ( enterprise select)

Where to go from here

How may we help you?

0700 75932265
0806 988 0000
01 4482 100

Email: yescenter@skyebankng.com

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