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Skye Salary Express

Skye Salary Express Account is a salary advance product geared towards meeting the unforeseen urgent demands of salary earners before payday. Surveys have shown that the needs arise under two categories: short term and long term. Two streams of the proposed product have been developed to cater to these needs.


This applies for a 30day overdraft against salary payment


  • Overdraft facility of up to a maximum of 70% of net monthly salary
  • Letter from employer signed by Director of Accounts confirming salary payment.
  • Domiciliation of Salary in customers account in Skye bank
  • Interest rate 2% above PLR
  • No penalty for repayment before the due date
  • No Collateral


This applies for up to 1 year.


  • Terminal benefits applicable as a fall back option.
  • Overdraft facility of up to a maximum of 40% of net monthly salary.
  • Payment on installment basis allowed.

Customer Benefits

  1. It affords flexible and easy access to cash flow as and when needed
  2. It is easily accessible
  3. The opportunity to immediately enjoy the benefits of month end cash flow
  4. Customer can enjoy an extended repayment period


The product would address all categories of salary earners from both the private and the public sector with a steady monthly income. Only confirmed staff of organisations will be eligible for the Skye Salary Express.

The salary advance cuts across all viable sectors of the economy, i.e. reputable organisations in the education sector, manufacturing, telecoms, insurance, banks, Oil and Gas, Government Parastatals, Professional Bodies etc. These organisations must be financially sound with a steady inflow of funds into the company’s Salary account.

Individuals using the Quick Advance option will be those needing funds for short-term urgent needs. The advance will be serviced by monthly inflows of salary payments into the customer’s account.

The Stretch Advance option would be targeted towards customers needing a more substantial sum to cater for large seasonal payments such as rent and school fees or for purposes of investment, among other uses.



  1. Valid Identification (International Passport/ Drivers License/ National ID)
  2. Signed and dated employment letter
  3. Letter from employer, to include:
  4. Confirmation of employment and tenure of staff and declaration that staff is confirmed
  5. Letter from employer to be signed by Director of Accounts OR Head of HR confirming salary payment


  • Applicants to be considered will be confirmed employed staff of reputable organisations in the private and public sectors.
  • Applicants must have been in employment for at least one (1) year.
  • Calculated loan repayment plus interest must not exceed 75% of applicant’s monthly salary.

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