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We have a dynamic Corporate Banking Group with expertise that cuts across most sectors of the economy with special emphasis on international trade. Operating within a three-tier group with unique strengths in specialized sectors, each of our specialists will partner with you to grow your business in more ways than one.

What does this mean?

Cycle Financing

Our corporate Banking Group has the requisite skills to provide solutions focused on unlocking the implicit value in our customers' supply chain. Our services are tailor made to address the needs of specific clientele. These services include working capital management, pre-shipment financing, distributor financing, buyer financing, receivables financing etc. These services cater to the needs of all stakeholders i.e. suppliers, distributors, employees, end users etc. We are able to provide these services as a single package thereby reducing cost and improving both operational and capital efficiency in our customers' businesses.

Commodities Trading

Our extensive branch network makes us the bank of choice in commodities trading and financing. From pre-export financing of cocoa trade in Idanre, Ondo State. South Western Nigeria Nigeria to funding of groundnut trade in Mallam Adori, Jigawa, Northern Nigeria. We provide timely and value adding services to traders, manufacturers, processors, multinational organizations involved in distribution and export of commodities such as Cocoa, Cashew, Steel, rice, fish etc. Our package includes but is not limited to pre-export, export and import financing, warehouse receipts, receivables financing etc.

Structured Trade Finance

We have developed competencies in structured trade finance which enable us provide tailor made financial services to all stakeholders. We are able to do this by leveraging on relationships with first class financial institutions across the globe. Our people are well trained and are in tune with the modern tools and techniques of trade finance. Some of our products include Specialized Letters of Credit, Standby Letters of Credit, Contract Guarantees, Tender Guarantees and Bonds, Indemnities etc.

Tailor Made Financial Solution

We know that not all businesses are the same; we also know that one solution does not necessarily fit into all business requirements, so our professional in our corporate banking group aim to understand a problem from the customers unique perspective, making them better equipped to proffer the right combination of financial solutions that always ensures a long term benefit with short term returns.


An overdraft is an agreed cash-borrowing limit that is pre-arranged. It gives you a flexible way of managing your business cash flow and can provide you with short term funds if you don't have enough money. An overdraft is not a loan.


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