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It is an innovative means that allows transfer of money across Nigeria boundary within one second. Both the sender and receiver need not have an account with Skye Bank. It also combines the use of Scratch Cards to ensure the safety of user’s transactions.

To provide customers and non-customers alike the secured and fastest means of transferring money. It also provides convenience as customers of the bank can execute their FlitCash transactions from the comfort of their homes and offices.

  • A customer walks in to any branch of Skye Bank.
  • He fills Send Form indicating his name and address & that of beneficiary
  • He can go with his money to send the transfer
  • He can send from his account if he has an account with Skye Bank.
  • He is given a scratch card where PIN is hidden to be gently scratched and send to beneficiary.
  • The beneficiary is not required to pay any charge at the receiving end.
  • He fills Receive Form indicating his name and address & that of sender.
  • He presents code sent him by the sender.
  • He is paid.
  • This depends solely on the sender’s instruction. However, the sender could give the following as an ID in addition to the PIN; Personal Identification Number on the scratch cards.
  • Any ID Card specified by the sender.
  • Test Question and answer.
  • Driver’s licence.
  • National ID card.
  • NYSC ID card.
  • International Passport.

Money sent in any Branch of Skye Bank is available for collection at any Skye Bank Branch nationwide in a second.

The code for transfer is encrypted in a scratch card known only to the sender.

Neither the sender nor the beneficiary need have an account with Skye Bank PLC.

No system failure. The host software is independent of other applications running independently and ceaselessly.


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