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The Skyecard CREDIT is a payment card that offers clean credit line to meet the credit needs of the cardholder.

Credit or Loan that is given to a customer without need for the customer to provide collateral or security.

  • To free individuals from financial handicap.
  • To enhance the purchasing power and improve the lifestyle of the average Nigerian.
  • To Reward credit worthy & honest Nigerians to achieve personal and professional aspirations.
  • To empower the creative talent of our customers.
  • To stimulate economic activity through consumer spending.
  • To demonstrate Skye Bank’s support for the consumer market.

A credit card is a payment card that is loaded with a credit facility amount i.e. credit limit while a debit card is a payment card that is linked to a cardholder’s existing savings or current account.


Any Individual that is 18years and above with traceable source(s) of income e.g. salary earners and non salary earners such as entrepreneurs, professionals, businessmen and women, artisans, traders and their dependants.

Take 3 simple steps:

  • Complete the application form.
  • Submit the form along with the required documents.
  • Pick up the Card, activate and use.

Minimum Credit Limit of N11,000.00.00 and Maximum Credit Limit of N1,000,000.00.

Card expiry is usually 2 years from date of issuance. Expiry date is clearly indicated on the face of each card.

Your card has a Personal Identification Number (PIN) that should be known to only you. The PIN is used to access your credit limit via the credit card.

PIN represents Personal Identification Number. It is a 4-digit code that allows you to access the funds on your card via a Point of Sale terminal, ATM, etc. You must always keep your PIN secret and never reveal it to anyone, not even to staff of the bank.

You will receive your PIN when your credit card is ready.

NO. You can purchase any item of your choice with the card.

NO. You can purchase any item of your choice with the card.

YES, from any Skye Bank ATM. You can also withdraw cash from 3rd party ATMs, anywhere you see the InterSwitch logo/sign. Some PoS Terminals at shops also provide cash. Locations are nation-wide.

Your card is accepted at all Skye Bank branches as well as everywhere you see the InterSwitch logo/sign.

Does this mean Skye Bank will automatically decline my request for the Skyecard CREDIT?

  • No. Your application will be treated on its own merits. Skye Bank will take all the information you provide on your application form into consideration and a decision will be made based on the results of our credit reference checks

You should enter the total annual pay. If you are self-employed, retired or a housewife, please add-up all the pension, benefits and income you would receive in one year and enter this as your income. You will be required to provide evidence of each of these incomes.

If you are employed, please enter your job title for example ’Banking’ or ’Sales Executive’. If you are self-employed please indicate so and also state your line of business.

if it is lost or stolen card or do I have to do that?

  • Yes. If the card is registered in the name of the cardholder he/she can simply contact Skye Bank directly and we'll replace the card as soon as possible.
  • There are two classes of cards offered by the bank – Classic and Premium. The class of card offered to each cardholder is determined by their level of income along with some other qualitative factors. More classes of the Credit would be introduced in due course. Increase in your income increases your chances of getting a higher credit limit and card class.
  • You can go back to any ATM after the 24 hour lock down period and try again.

Monthly credit card statement along with sms/email notifications will provide you with information on transactions performed, outstanding balance, fees & charges applicable on your card. It will also specify the minimum monthly repayment amount along with associated fees & charges payable by the specified payment due date. While you retain the option of full pay back, it is mandatory that you pay back no less than the minimum monthly repayment amount along with fees & charges payable. If we do not receive any payment from you on or before the payment due date, we shall apply late payment fees on the outstanding balance in addition to the interest and other applicable charges. Non payment would also be treated as a default and recovery efforts would commence.

If you fully pay back the outstanding balance on your card by the specified payment date, no interest charge will apply on your account. This is however, applicable to only Premium class. For, Classic cardholders, interest charges start running from the day of draw down.

You have to make at least the minimum repayment of your outstanding balance every month plus ATM/POS transaction fees. Interest and Service fee are charged on the amount outstanding on your card after the payment due date. You will also incur late payment penalty fees where payment is received late i.e. after the payment due date.

If you fully pay back the utilized amount plus fees and charges on or before the payment due date (15th of every month), you will incur Zero interest on your purchases. This interest free period could be up to 45 days depending on the purchase date.

plus transaction fees in my statement of account?

  • Yes, you can pay back as much of your outstanding balance as you wish at any time. However, you must pay the minimum monthly repayment plus fees & charges on or before the payment due date i.e 15th of every month.
  • You can also choose to repay the total utilized amount plus transaction fees on or before the payment due date and enjoy an interest free period of up to 45 days on Purchases i.e. you pay no interest on your purchases.

Please call Skye Bank on Call centre number 01-2705850.

If you have reservations with a transaction on your card or any other queries, please call our Customer Care line on 01-2705850.

Yes, at any website where you see the InterSwitch logo.

Instead of paying with cash, you simply insert/swipe the card on a Point of Sale (PoS) Terminal. The shop/sales assistant will assist you with this process. You will be required to enter your PIN. Please make sure that you do this discretely and that your PIN is not disclosed/revealed to anyone while you enter it. and will give you a receipt which you need to sign.

You can spend up to a pre-agreed level called your credit limit. This credit limit is determined by the bank and communicated to you at the point of picking up your card. Your credit limit is determined based on Information you supplied on your application form. It is calculated at approximately 50% of your annual net income.

Most credit card misuse can be traced directly to the family, friends or associates of cardholders. Therefore, keep your card securely. Never reveal your PIN to anyone, family or friend. The bank will never require you to reveal your PIN to its staff so never respond to such request. Some card misuse has been traced to merchant shop/sales assistants so always check your card when you get it back to ensure the merchant did not hand a wrong card to you in a hurry.

(such as changing my contact information or requesting for secondary cards (additional) for my dependants).

  • To update any account-specific information, please contact your Branch Customer Service Manager. You may also contact our 12 x 7 Customer Care line on 01-2705850

All credit card holders must be 18 years and above. Please note that you are responsible for any spending on you account by the additional cardholder.

The card can be used on ATMs, PoS Terminals and on the Internet. It is accepted at all Skye Bank branches and anywhere you see the InterSwitch logo.

You will receive a detailed statement of your card account every month. This will help you verify the purchases made by you and maintain usage records. Please provide your email address to ease distribution of the statement. SMS/email notifications are also available to provide you timely information on outstanding balance, fees & charges applicable on your card.

As soon as you notify us of any charge you did not authorize on your account, we will commence an investigation to determine how the transaction occurred. Possible places of compromise of your credit card account may be at a merchant’s shop, an ATM or someone close to you who has obtained knowledge of your card and PIN details. As you may be liable for unauthorized transactions performed using your card, we strongly recommend that you keep your card in a safe place and that you never write down your PIN.


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